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“Sometimes one’s darkest moments and greatest feats can serve to
illuminate a path of purpose..."

Hey it's Maritza...

I wasn’t always a conscious eater, or the “health nut” most people know me as today...

In my early years I stayed active with dance and other hobbies, but never thought much about my nutritional needs.

I somehow assumed that my active lifestyle made up for all the burritos I loved to eat, and so it wasn’t until my health was seriously tested that I started to truly value nutrition and self-care practices.

Looking back, I was always searching for “balance” in my life (in the emotional, physical & spiritual sense).

When I wasn’t staying physically active as a personal trainer, I was buried in books of every kind. And although I was always a naturally curious person, I struggled to find my own sense of purpose.

And It wasn’t until I faced the hardest year of my life that I gained clarity on my life’s direction.

During my college years, my health started to crumble and I couldn’t understand why.

I was suffering from adrenal fatigue due to high stress, frequent infections (+ antibiotic overuse), and an overwhelming amount of fatigue.

Yet, I shrugged off these signs of imbalance because I believed I just had to “push through.”

This continued until one day things got so bad that I dragged myself to the doctor’s office for what I thought was a UTI, only to end up in the operating room a few hours later!

A urologist told me that my kidney was on the verge of bursting.

She literally said,

“Your kidney will burst if you don’t have surgery within the next 24 hours…”

I remember feeling like my entire world had been turned upside down.

Everything changed in that moment, and my whole life went on pause for about 6 months.

But during this downtime, I had a great epiphany as my life’s purpose became crystal clear: I wanted to reverse the damage I had put on my body and teach others how to do the same.

Somehow I just believed it was possible to end the cycle of antibiotic overuse, overcome my imbalances, and heal myself naturally.

I began to slowly let go of all my food addictions, meditate, and listen to my body again.

Nutrition and holistic healing became my obsession, but hey at least it was a healthy one lol… 😉

After working as a personal trainer, I decided to complete coursework in Dietetics, and then get certified as a Holistic Nutritionist and FDN-P (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner), as well as complete several Functional Lab mentorships by some of the best in functional medicine.

As I started to dive deeper into my education and career, I began to notice patterns of cellular damage, hormone imbalance, and gut dysfunction in others that I could help get back under control...


It was like I had discovered a whole new world,
which was both exhilarating and alarming…

To this day I still can’t believe how much is overlooked when it comes to people’s health...

But at the same time I’m so grateful that I can be a health detective and help pave the way for others to heal themselves naturally.

As a Functional Nutritionist, I now help people overcome their metabolic imbalances naturally, so that they can can get back in tune with their body’s natural rhythm.

After putting in the self-healing work and radically changing my habits, I’ve reclaimed my power and feel even better than I did in my 20’s!!!

I guess it’s true what they say… “Age is just a number... and knowledge is power!”

Fast forward to today, I now know how to eat for my body type/needs, keep my kidney/adrenals in good shape, reduce my toxin exposure, and heal my gut and hormones with all the best tools and resources.

My journey has been far from perfect and really tough at times, but I’ve grown to honor my body’s needs as well as love and accept myself in the process.

Now, as a functional practitioner & nutritionist, I help individuals overcome metabolic imbalances & set healthy goals for themselves, so that they can get back in tune with their body’s natural rhythm.

You, too, can live a life of extraordinary health, because optimal health is your birthright. It’s time to get back to your roots.

Health is about so much more than fitting in skinny jeans and going to yoga class…

It’s about listening to that internal nudge that something’s not quite right…

It’s about reclaiming your throne to health & wellness.

It’s about getting back to your true self and feeling empowered and excited to live life!

If you suspect that something isn’t quite right and haven’t found the right doctor or practitioner who meets your needs, then I invite you to set up a clarity call with me.

I’d love to chat more to see how I can support and empower you to become your own Self-healer!


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